A life without pain is a choice worth making.

Most pain can be identified and resolved by asking the right questions and following the right moves. Everflex curates a personalized video program to empower you to relieve your pain at the source – anytime, anywhere.

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Why Everflex ?

  • Secure

    HIPAA and GINA compliant.

  • Convenient

    Available 24/7 on our favorite devices.

  • Affordable

    One of the most inexpensive options available.

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How It Works

What Our Members Are Saying...

“After doing the exercises and stretches for a few days I started feeling better, and after 3 weeks I was back to my normal activities!”

Lee, 52
South Carolina

“My pain was so bad I thought I was going to have to go to the ER after about 4 hours of misery, but who wants to go to the ER? After using Everflex, the pain was gone in thirty minutes and has not been back since.”

Vince, 43

“Everflex helped me with my shoulder pain so I could quickly return to the swim team. It was great getting help at home!”

Jenna, 13

Improve Productivity, Reduce Sick Days, Increase Access to Care

Companies that care about their employees invest in their health. The employees in return invest in the health of the company. Everflex can help keep your employees healthy and pain-free.

Better Employee Health

How will you make your move toward better employee health?

  • Reduce Sick Days

    Reducing time away from work by even one day can save your company thousands of dollars.

  • Improve Productivity

    Improve productivity by decreasing down-time with an injury or prevent an injury from occurring.

  • Increase Access to Care

    Employees can access care any time, any place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Everflex be integrated into our current wellness program?

Yes, Everflex can use SSO and/or its APIs.

Can Everflex be white labeled?

The Total Health and Wellness Portal can be 100% white labeled.

For customers using the Everflex Case Management portion only, it can be white labeled but Everflex must be present and is required for licensing.

What kind of reporting is included with Everflex?

Everflex collects all pieces of information on the platform in a HIPAA and PHI compliant manner. There are currently over 70 standard reports available to assist employers and wellness/health managers between the platforms. Customized reporting and interactive targeted messaging reports are also available.

Is Everflex HIPAA and GINA compliant?

Yes, all parts of our platform are 100% HIPAA and GINA compliant. The platform is also HITRUST certified.

How long does the Everflex onboarding process take?

The onboarding process timeline depends on many factors, but can be done in as little as 3 days.