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Introducing Everflex Content Licensing: Your clients deserve the absolute best and we’ve got the ultimate content library for you to share with them. You’ll have access to our full range of Home Exercise Plans (HEPs), video content, patient education, and marketing resources to provide your clients with the best end-to-end physical therapy experience.

Need customized care for your business and clients? We’ve got your back. Our licensing program is packed with a library of ready-made HEPs tailored to suit your business’ needs. Our team of licensed pros have created a variety of plans that cater to all types of musculoskeletal needs ensuring top of the line physical therapy resources for your business and clients.

If you’re looking for more, we also have a vast library of video content to supplement our customized plans. Through our licensing program, you can inherit the Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy’s validation to help you promote your practice.

We’re all about quality, which is why we want to deliver exceptional physical therapy resources to you and your clients. So if you’re on the same page, contact us to learn more about how we can help you excel.

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