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Introducing Everflex Simplified: Pre-made injury prevention plans created with sports groups, businesses, and weekend warriors in mind. Get quick access to physical therapy resources on your own time and keep injuries at bay.

Get ready to level up with Everflex Simplified. Our portal can be customized and tailor made for a variety of users from businesses, sport teams, and health focused individuals. It’s intuitive and user friendly, taking care of your own musculoskeletal health has never been easier. Track your progress, set goals, and celebrate those wins. We all know you deserve it!

Everflex Simplified is all about meeting your unique needs in the most straightforward way possible. Our pre-made plans are curated by our licensed physical therapy pros, so you’re sure to find the perfect plan specific to your unique physical therapy needs.

If you’re here, we know health is a top priority for you, your team, or your business. We’re dedicated to providing comprehensive physical therapy plans to keep you doing what you love and injury free. Contact us today to take the first step.

How Everflex Simplified Works

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